Post-collision symptoms that suggest herniated disc

Post-collision symptoms that suggest herniated disc

by | Feb 10, 2023 | Personal Injury

If you’re traveling in Missouri or elsewhere, and another vehicle hits you, it is imperative to monitor your health for the foreseeable future. You will no doubt undergo an initial medical examination, via ambulance transport to a hospital or airflight, if you have suffered life-threatening injuries. In the days to come, however, there are certain symptoms that may arise, which suggest that you may have a back injury — a herniated disc, to be exact.  

Discs cushion your spine. A disc works on a spinal vertebra like a shock absorber works in a car. If a disc in your spine ruptures, bulges or slips out of place, you have suffered a herniated disc. It is a condition that often causes severe pain, due to pressure on the nerves of the spine. If you develop symptoms of disc injury, it is best to seek immediate medical attention and to make sure your doctor knows that you were recently involved in a motor vehicle collision.  

The impact of a collision can cause a herniate disc 

Whether you’re driving or riding as a passenger, the force of impact from another vehicle hitting yours may violently thrust you in several directions or slam you up against a hard surface. You may even eject from the vehicle. This type of trauma can cause severe damage to the spine.  

As mentioned earlier, a severe pain often accompanies disc injuries. In some cases, however, you might not feel pain, or you might experience a dull ache in your lower back. Doctors can use x-rays, MRIs or CT scans to diagnose a herniated disc 

Getting the care and treatment you need for a spine injury 

In a best-case scenario, a few weeks of rest may be enough to heal a herniated disc injury. While complete bed rest is not advisable, most doctors agree that limiting activity helps reduce inflammation around the injury. In some cases, physical therapy or surgery may be necessary.  

Medical care for a spinal injury can create financial distress. If another person’s negligence caused the collision that resulted in your injuries, you can seek restitution in court. The court will want to know exactly what damages you suffered in the collision, including physical injuries and the economic distress associated with your recovery. Many recovering accident victims receive compensation that helps them offset the costs of medical treatments and other post-collision care.