Federal Criminal Defense

An Aggressive Defense Against Serious Federal Charges

Federal criminal cases are not only exceedingly complex, but the penalties upon conviction tend to be more severe than those tried at the state level. If you have been accused of an offense or are being investigated by a federal agent, you cannot afford to take a chance on your representation. The criminal defense team at Rogers Sevastianos & Bante LLP provides FREE initial consultations. Contact us online or call (314) 354-8484 to get started.

Over 75 Combined Years Of Criminal Defense Experience In St. Louis

As accomplished veterans of the Missouri and Illinois legal systems, the specially selected team at Rogers Sevastianos & Bante LLP has thousands of hours of courtroom experience. We do not shy away from a challenge, and our successes in cases that involve intense media coverage, high-profile individuals and high-stakes speak for themselves.

Due to our trial-tested advocacy in over 200 jury trials and more than 100 cases tried before a judge, our lawyers are proud to be awarded membership in the Top 100 Trial Lawyers Association and the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. We have been listed as Super Lawyers by our peers and awarded an AV Preeminent peer review rating by Martindale-Hubbell.

Are You Being Investigated For A Federal Offense? We Can Help.

Our criminal defense team is composed of tough negotiators, proven trial lawyers, highly-skilled investigators and dedicated advocates. Each member of the team’s job is to protect your rights and use every avenue to strengthen your legal defense, resulting in either a reduction or full dismissal of charges.

From the investigation all the way through to the trial, sentencing and appeal – a different strategic approach is required at every stage. Experienced criminal defense lawyers, like those at Rogers Sevastianos & Bante LLP, can help build a custom-tailored defense strategy for any stage of the federal prosecutorial process.

We will utilize:

  • Statutory defenses
  • Constitutional protections
  • Safe harbors
  • Jury selection that is poised for a fair and impartial verdict
  • All other available means to try to prevent the possibility of a conviction at trial

Federal law enforcement agencies typically employ tactics like undercover agents and electronic surveillance, etc. Successfully discrediting this type of evidence is key to any federal criminal case. If we determine that your rights have been violated by agents attempting to gather evidence, we seek to have that evidence thrown out, giving you the best chance of success.

Facing Charges In State Vs. Federal Court

Federal charges are dramatically different from state offenses because they often target white collar crimes or high-level drug offenses. The justice department is responsible for prosecution, which means that a trial can be an intimidating experience to go through alone or with an inexperienced attorney.

Cases of this high magnitude have federal law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, IRS, SEC, DEA or ATF investigating them. Not only that, you face a powerful prosecution team that includes federal prosecutors, state and local law enforcement officials. These agencies all have lighter caseloads and virtually unlimited resources to help create a case against you.

If you are being questioned by a federal agent, do not hesitate to contact a criminal defense attorney at Rogers Sevastianos & Bante LLP. We will be there as a go-between to protect your rights and ensure you don’t make a mistake that could be costly.

Our lawyers have:

  • Handled numerous federal offense cases
  • Thorough knowledge of the workings of the federal courts
  • Experience with federal rules of evidence, criminal procedures and trial procedures
  • Updated awareness of the federal sentencing guidelines which are continually amended through the rulings of the United States Supreme Court (these can affect a client’s ultimate sentencing)
  • A reputation with federal agencies as experienced courtroom litigators who won’t hesitate to bring a case before a jury

Penalties And Long-Term Consequences Of A Federal Conviction

The legal penalties of a federal conviction can reach far beyond just the courtroom. Penalties if convicted include but are not limited to:

  • Federal imprisonment
  • Significant fines
  • Restitution, recoupments and other financial penalties
  • Asset forfeiture
  • Other statutory penalties

Even after you’ve finished a court-imposed sentence, the consequences of a federal conviction can still carry heavy social stigmas, such as loss of professional licenses, restrictions on employment and damaged reputation.

The long-term consequences on your career and overall reputation can be life-changing. Therefore, you will need to mount your best defense possible to protect your rights and freedom. We fight diligently for you to be able to return to a normal life again.

Early Intervention Is Critical To The Outcome Of Your Case

Do not wait until you have a formal charge against you to seek representation. While you may think you are only under investigation or facing a grand jury subpoena, you cannot afford to make mistakes that could jeopardize your legal rights.

Tread lightly! Federal agents have probably already gathered boxes full of evidence over months or even years in order to prepare a case against you. They may already have the case buttoned-down before charges are even brought, which means they carry an advantage over you.

Early intervention from our criminal defense lawyers in St. Louis is critical because it allows for opportunities to have charges reduced or kept in state court. Additionally, we may be able to prevent some charges from ever being filed in the first place.

One of the primary purposes of intervention in the government’s investigation is to determine the nature and scope of the allegations against you. The quicker we get involved, the quicker we can start building your case.

Don’t Delay – Contact Rogers Sevastianos & Bante LLP

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