Negligent Security

Helping Victims Of Negligent Security Seek Justice

What happens when someone is injured during a criminal act? Does the victim only have a claim against the person who committed the criminal act?

The answer to that question is that in both Missouri and Illinois, a business can be held responsible for personal injuries suffered by its patrons during a criminal act. The victim needs to show, however, that the business owner:

  • By the exercise of reasonable care could have known that the conduct was occurring or was about to occur
  • Could have protected customers by controlling this conduct or by giving adequate warning to customers so that they could have avoided the danger

When the injuries a patron sustains are caused by intentional, criminal acts of other patrons or third persons, it is more difficult – but not impossible – to prove that a business is responsible for those injuries. However, our courts have determined that liability will attach when:

  • There is a history of the premises of specific acts of criminal violence (i.e., aggravated assault, theft, etc.)
  • Specific persons have committed violent crimes on the premises in the past
  • The person who caused the plaintiff personal injuries on this occasion has been on the premises before and acted violently (such that the business has notice of the danger)
  • There is a duty imposed on a company or individual to protect the injured party by virtue of a contract between that person or entity and the property owner or manager. (This theory may allow a victim of the crime to sue a security company or another entity that owes a contractual duty to the property owner/manager because the victim is a “third-party beneficiary” to that contract.)

In order to fall into one of these special circumstances, an injury victim must prove that there had been specific incidents of violent crimes on the premises that are sufficiently numerous and recent so to place the defendant on notice of this “history of violence.”

Contacting a lawyer who is familiar with common defense tactics on these cases, who knows what evidence must be secured and how to identify potential defendants is critical to win your case.

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