Sex Crimes

Defending Your Rights In The Face Of Serious Sex Crime Accusations

Allegations of crimes related to sexual misconduct are enough to ruin a person’s reputation. The justice systems takes a “guilty until proven innocent” attitude towards people who have been accused of sex crimes, making it extremely important that cases involving sex offenses are handled properly from the start.

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Qualified To Represent Individuals Accused Of A Variety Of Sex Crimes

There are a wide variety of sex-related crimes at both the state and federal level. Our breadth and depth of experience allows us to effectively defend clients against a range of charges:

Registration As A Sex Offender Can Affect Nearly Every Aspect Of Your Life

If you are facing allegations of a sex crime, it is critical to understand what is at stake. Registration as a sex offender is typically for the rest of your life and makes it possible for the general public to learn embarrassing details about your offense, see your picture and find out where you live with ease. In addition, sex offenders are actually prohibited from living in certain areas or holding certain types of job. In these ways, registering as a sex offender can have an impact on your professional and personal life in profound ways.

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