Gray Divorce

Are You On Your Way To A So-Called Gray Divorce? Tackle This Challenge Without Fear.

Are you heading toward divorce as an older adult? Whether this transition is happening after a long-term or short-term marriage, the next phase of life may carry extra high stakes. Health care, retirement income, real estate holdings and perhaps the preservation of a business may be serious concerns. The practical and legal realities of a dissolution of marriage at the age of retirement or beyond may seem complicated and even overwhelming.

What can you expect to hold onto as your household divides into two during your sunset years? How can you keep as many family assets in the family as possible without legal fees breaking the bank? If you work with [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-2″], our attorneys will listen attentively to get a clear idea about your priorities and vulnerabilities so that we can guide you accordingly.

On To The Next Stage Of Life With Reassurance

The idea of striking out on your own after years together – or after an ill-fated short-lived marriage – may seem daunting. Your asset portfolios may be complex. Whether you will be ending a first, second or third marriage, you no doubt wonder where to start with your gray divorce.

Rest assured that we will be sensitive to your concerns about costs. We will educate you in an individualized way about your rights and options regarding the following:

  • Property division, possibly including business interests, investments, complex or high-value assets, a second home and/or expensive vehicles
  • Retirement assets, health insurance and other critical issues that may have a large impact on your post-divorce quality of life
  • Alimony or spousal support if appropriate for the more dependent spouse

Whether this change is coming after a short-term or long-term marriage, it is important to understand the legal processes that your divorce will entail. Will mediation, collaborative divorce methods or a trial be best in your case? Let us examine your case and develop a customized approach for you.

Our Divorce Lawyers Are Equipped To Guide You

With decades of experience behind us, we are skilled St. Louis-area divorce attorneys who are deeply familiar with the local family law courts. Middle-aged? Older? Elderly? We can help you move forward toward a fresh start with confidence regardless of your age.

To schedule a consultation about your late-in-life divorce in Missouri or Illinois, call us at (314) 354-8484 or complete a simple online form.