LGBT Divorce

Divorce Representation For Clients Ending Same-Sex Marriages

You may have the impression, as you approach divorce as a gay or lesbian couple, that your legal issues will be similar or identical to those of heterosexual couples. After all, same-sex marriage has been legal nationwide for almost a decade now, so what is the difference in legal terms?

In fact, your divorce may look the same as that of your non-LGBT neighbors’ divorces but still include unique factors based on your history together. At [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-2″], we welcome people from all walks of life, all genders and all ages who are looking for attorneys with the experience and confidence that we offer all our clients.

Now That You’re On Your Way To Divorce, What Are Potential Pitfalls?

You may recall with nostalgia and regret the happiness with which you started off as a married couple. Now your concerns are about how to unravel your togetherness with your financial life intact and your vision for the future clear. As with any divorce, your split will involve property division as its most fundamental factor. Other issues ahead of you may include one or both of the following:

Child custody, visitation and support agreements that reflect established parent-child bonds: If you are both legal parents of one or more children in common, you will need to arrive at agreements or follow court orders for the care and raising of those children after your divorce. Even if a child is biologically related to only one spouse, a family law judge will prioritize the child’s best interests, which may include shared custody.

Asset division encompassing the totality of your time together as a couple: Although your legal marriage may have occurred relatively recently, you may have previously cohabited or had a registered domestic partnership, possibly in another state. Is alimony on the table for discussion? Legal and financial aspects of your same-sex divorce may require a deep dive into your past and a customized approach.

We Are Here For You

Indeed, legally speaking, divorce for LGBT couples may be identical or nearly identical to that for opposite-sex couples. With our experience and understanding, you can efficiently address any unique issues that may arise. [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-2″] is a trusted and welcoming resource for both LGBT and traditional married couples in the St. Louis area.

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