Neck Injuries

Trusted Legal Representation Following Serious Neck Injuries

Due to the jarring physical forces of a motor vehicle collision, both drivers and passengers can suffer serious head, neck or back injuries. Depending on the severity of the collision and the types of vehicles involved, these injuries can be devastating and life-altering.

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Neck injuries can range in severity, so it is important to work closely with a medical professional to receive an accurate diagnosis and carefully designed physical rehabilitation. Unfortunately, medical treatment is costly and, when coupled with time spent away from work, can quickly place a family’s finances in peril. Our firm will aggressively pursue the maximum compensation possible in your case to stabilize your finances and ensure you receive the medical treatment you need to get healthy.

Lawyers Experienced With Neck Injury And Paralysis Cases

Serious neck injuries — those involving damage to the cervical spine — can ultimately result in paralysis. Essentially, the higher up the spine an injury occurs, the more devastating the effects of the paralysis. An injury to the cervical region of the spinal column could result in loss of sensation and control to both the arms and the legs. This is commonly referred to as quadriplegia. If you or a loved one is struggling with quadriplegia, paraplegia or tetraplegia following a car accident, do not hesitate to discuss your injuries with an attorney at our law firm.

Another common injury in car accidents is whiplash or a cervical sprain. Whiplash is caused by the sudden whipping back and forth motion of the head and neck. This commonly occurs in rear-end collisions, as the momentum of the body is suddenly thrown backward and forward. The primary symptoms of whiplash can include pain or numbness in the neck, shoulders and upper arms. These symptoms might not appear for hours or days after the accident.

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