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Paralysis Injuries

Were You Paralyzed After A Serious Accident?

When a person suffers a spinal cord injury or a traumatic brain injury, this may result in them losing control and function of different parts of their body. Paraplegia and quadriplegia can be caused by various accidents, but the most common include car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents and workplace accidents.

If you or a loved one has suffered paralysis after an injury caused by someone else, our experienced attorneys are here for you. Rogers Sevastianos & Bante LLP’s attorney Noel Sevastianos has served on the board of Paraquad and is passionate about supporting the organization and helping paralysis injury victims pursue fair and just compensation.

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Types Of Paralysis

Paralysis occurs when permanent damage is done to the spinal cord or brain, either by blunt force trauma in an accident or by underlying medical conditions. Depending on the area of the spine that was damaged, this could result in loss of function in various parts of the body such as the arms, legs and neck. The four primary types of paralysis include:

  • Monoplegia – Typically caused by brain injuries and impacted nerves, monoplegia occurs when one part of the body is paralyzed, such as an arm or leg. In some circumstances, the condition is temporary, while in others, it is a permanent condition.
  • Hemiplegia – Hemiplegia is when one side of the body is paralyzed, such as an arm and a leg. Depending on the severity, hemiplegia can be a temporary or permanent condition.
  • Paraplegia – Paraplegia is a condition where an individual is paralyzed from the waist down, affecting the function of parts of the body such as a person’s legs, hips, bowels and bladder. Depending on the cause and severity, paraplegia can be temporary or permanent.
  • Quadriplegia/tetraplegia – Quadriplegia is an incurable type of paralysis that affects all parts of an individual’s body below their neck, such as their arms, legs, hips, feet, bowels and bladder.

Causes Of Paralysis

Paralysis can be caused by many things, including underlying medical conditions and severe accidents, such as truck accidents, motorcycle collisions, car accidents, and slip and falls. According to The Reeves Foundation, of the 1.2 million people that suffer from paralysis caused by a spinal cord injury in North America each year, 77% of those injuries are caused by motor vehicle accidents and as a result of injuries that occurred at work.

Compensation After Accidents That Result In Paralysis

Paralysis is a life-changing injury that requires immediate medical treatment, care and equipment, such as ramps and rehabilitative tools. Additionally, depending on the type of paralysis an individual suffered, they may no longer be able to perform the duties of their job or do everyday activities such as bathe, cook or ride bikes with their kids. Our attorneys will help you determine the extent of your injuries, investigate your situation, and fight to recover full and just compensation for the paralysis injuries and losses you incurred due to someone else’s negligence.

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If you or someone you love has become paralyzed due to the negligence of another person, you need to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney immediately. An attorney can help you get the compensation you need to cope with your injury.

Rogers Sevastianos & Bante LLP has over 100 years of combined legal experience in protecting the rights of victims in Missouri and Illinois. We provide free case evaluations, are committed to thoroughly investigating the evidence of your case and helping you seek fair and just compensation for the paralysis injuries you sustained. Schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys today to discuss your options. Call (314) 354-8484 to set up your appointment.