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Protecting Your Rights When You Are Accused Of Assault By DWI

The charge of “assault by DWI” can change your life forever. If you are accused of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while driving and another person is physically injured, you may be facing a felony charge of second-degree assault. If convicted, you will be facing a prison term of up to seven years.

The Factors In Your Assault By DWI Case

An auto accident that resulted in bodily injury to another party will be thoroughly investigated by law enforcement. The persons involved will have blood alcohol concentration (BAC) evaluated, whether at roadside, the police station or at the hospital. BAC tests are not infallible – and various issues can result in a false reading. The first step in any case of assault by DWI is a thorough evaluation of all testing associated with measuring blood alcohol content.

Once the prosecutor believes a driver operated a motor vehicle in a manner which put others at risk of being struck and injured, a charge of assault by DWI is filed against the driver. The penalties imposed vary based upon the case details. For example, cases involving injury to police, firefighters or other similar personnel can lead to Class 4 felony charges. Up to three years in prison may be imposed in a conviction.

If you are facing charges for assault by DWI in Illinois, the charges are a Class 4 felony, or “aggravated DUI.” These cases involve a collision in which another party suffered great bodily harm or disfigurement. Prison time can be up to 12 years, with fines as high as $25,000.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Are On Your Side

What will happen in your case? In large part, the outcome will be the direct result of the actions of your criminal defense lawyer. You are strongly advised to connect with the legal team at Rogers Sevastianos & Bante LLP at once if you have been charged with this offense. The sooner we get involved in the process, the better it could be for you and your case.

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The quality, talents and experience of your criminal defense attorney is a critical point if you are accused of harming another person while driving while intoxicated – whether the case involves drugs or alcohol. Even drivers who are taking only legally prescribed medications can face charges if another person is injured in an auto accident. It is advised that any person who has been charged with this offense or is being investigated after an auto accident in which another party was injured connect with our law firm immediately.

We are experienced trial lawyers with an extensive record of positive verdicts and dismissed high-profile cases, as well as negotiating reduced charges. The partners at the firm are licensed to practice in both Missouri and Illinois.

When your future freedom is at risk, you cannot take chances with a less qualified or experienced trial lawyer. Contact us today – we are ready to move quickly to take the necessary actions for your defense. Call (314) 354-8484 to set up your appointment.