Child Molestation

Upholding Your Rights Against Child Molestation Accusations

Criminal offenses involving the sexual exploitation of a child are an extremely serious matter. These kinds of crimes are considered particularly reprehensible by both the public and the legal system and can result in life-long consequences and a ruined reputation. A charge for child molestation has immediate, long-term and life-altering consequences. Jail time is a frequent result as well as mandatory registration on Missouri’s sex offender registry. If convicted, a criminal record is inevitable, making employment and credit challenges even more difficult.

Child Molestation Charges In Missouri

Under Missouri Law, child molestation involves sexual contact with a child. If the victim is under 14 and the contact is considered an aggravated sexual offense, it is first-degree molestation which is a class A felony. An aggravated sexual offense is one where the perpetrator inflicts serious physical injury on the victim. This can happen when:

  • There is a threatening display of a weapon or “dangerous instrument”
  • The event involves relations with a relative
  • The victim is subjected to intercourse with multiple partners
  • The accused has been previously found guilty of certain sexual offenses
  • The accused has committed the offense as part of a pattern that involves two or more people

Other child molestation charges include:

  • Sexual conduct with a victim under 12 constitutes child molestation in the second degree
  • Sexual conduct with a victim under 14 where the offense is not an aggravated sexual offense is child molestation in the third degree
  • If a person is more than four years older than a child under 17 and they subject that child to sexual conduct, he or she can be convicted of fourth degree child molestation.

Defenses May Be Available

Child molestation cases often involve allegations made by adults or children with very little supporting evidence. Sometimes, these kinds of allegations are made out of anger or as retribution for a perceived wrong. They may even be made part of an attempt to gain custody. Whatever the case, accusations of molestation should be handled tactfully, carefully and by an experienced lawyer familiar with sex crime litigation.

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We also work with expert witnesses, including psychiatrists, doctors and DNA experts to investigate physical evidence, the mindset of the alleged victim and other factors of the case. We have handled cases involving clients who had strong familial relationships with alleged victims as well as clients who claimed that alleged victims were entirely unknown to them. Our clients include teachers, religious advisors, counselors and clients in numerous other roles.

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